Sako’s Rug Restoration and Cleaning is the premier rug repair shop in all of Alhambra, CA (Los Angeles). The small shop has already gained a sterling reputation, primarily due to the skills of craftsman and owner Mr. Adamyan, who has been restoring fine rugs and tapestries for over 30 years.

No matter the state of disrepair, the experts at Sako’s Rug Restoration and Cleaning can restore your rugs and tapestries to their former glory. The staff at Sako’s is comprised of many experienced craftspeople who know exactly how to bring old rugs back to life.

Most rug damage begins at the ends and the sides of each piece; indeed, rugs with decorative edging or fringe are likely to fray. The first thing the experts at Sako’s will do is secure the ends of your rug to prevent further damage. Then, they will work on restoring the other areas of your rug by using classical rug repair techniques that are done by hand.

The goal at Sako’s isn’t just to restore your rugs, but also to ensure that they stay beautiful for years of future use. When you take a rug to Sako’s Rug Restoration and Cleaning, you aren’t just handing over your rugs and tapestries to a bunch of middle-men—instead, all of the rug cleaning and restoration is done in-house. This means you can expect quicker turnaround times on jobs, a higher level of customer service, and all-around lower prices. At Sako’s, you know exactly who is taking care of your treasured rugs. For the best in service and craftsmanship, take your rugs to Sako’s Rug Restoration and Cleaning.

Feel free to give them a call at (818) 913-6767 if you have any questions. You can also email them at rugservices@aol.com — simply include pictures of your rug that needs restoration or cleaning, and then receive a free price quote!

1. Rug Cleaning

We hand wash your rugs the old fashioned way. We’ve cleaned rugs from all over the world…Oriental Rugs, novelty rugs, custom area rugs and machine made rugs in our own professional cleaning plant. We can also repair your rugs.

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2. Rug Restoration

At Sako’s Oriental Rug Restoration, our repair and restoration masters put their time and effort to do highest quality job whether you have a machine made rug or fine hand made rug.

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3. Rug Stain Removal

Foods, Drinks, and incidents can cause stains. Wine, tea, coffee, pet urine, and rust are some examples which can damage your rug.

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